Slate roofs

Slate roofs are among the most attractive styles of roof available, thanks to their clean lines and beautiful, sleek appearance. This type of roofing is for people who want to make their homes and businesses look stunning. You typically find slate on upmarket homes, however, it looks great wherever you install it.


We have considerable experience in installing slate roofing on properties. Our team of skilled professionals lays out the slate in an attractive manner, helping to bring the best out of the building.


The benefits of slate roofing are numerous. Because slate is made out of shingle-like slivers of rock, it lasts a very long time – usually more than 50 years. It won’t burn during a fire, preventing additional damage. And, unlike traditional tiles, it is virtually invulnerable to rot and insects, meaning that it should look just as good as the day you installed it for decades to come.


If you’re looking for quality slate roof installers in Hampshire then J Skene Roofing is here to help. Our slate roofs are the best you can get, installed by professionals who are in love with their craft. While many people choose slate roofs for period and upmarket homes, they’re a great solution for practically all types of properties with pitched roofs.

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