Liquid rubber

Another weather-proof system, liquid applied roofs are ideal for use on buildings with irregular shaped roofs, and hard to access areas. The installation, unlike single-ply membrane roofing, does not require heat, and can be done in almost all weather conditions, making it a quick and easy solution to roofing repairs as well.


We use only industry approved suppliers such as Triflex and Permaroof, and we have undertaken training to become accredited in the proper application of these products. All materials are approved and certified with proof of lifespan. Over the years we have successfully applied liquid roofs to large industrial and commercial buildings across the South.


Our fully comprehensive liquid roofing service includes:

  • Application of protective overspray as well as removal and reapplication
  • End lap treatment to prevent the occurrence of cut-edge corrosion
  • Relining of the roof
  • Remedial treatment of cut-edge roofing
  • Overcoat for sealing out the weather and preventing leaks and water ingress
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