Roof Tiling

Tiles are a timeless roofing material that we love here at J Skene Roofing. It doesn’t seem to matter what type you choose, they always manage to give your property a fresh look. Our professional roofers first strip away any old tiles or covering material from your roof. We then prepare the rafters to receive the tiles.


Once done, we install the tiles in a beautiful pattern, ensuring that your roof gets full coverage, right the way to the edge. With us, you can choose from a massive range of styles and brands to get the perfect look for your property.


Not only does tiled roofing give your property a modern look, but they also have a longer life cycle than many other roofing materials – our tiles will often survive longer than your timber roof rafters. What’s more, tiles are highly resistant to environmental hazards. They won’t burn or rot. And insects can’t chew through them easily. Maintenance is simple and low-cost.


Because tiles have hardly any drawbacks, they are a popular roofing material. In the past, weight was a concern. We supply a range of both light and heavy roof tiles to suit the structural properties of your building so you can avoid the need to install reinforcing struts. Get in touch with us today to find out more about out tiled roof options.

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